Tuesday, 9 April 2013

20 ways to wow!!! (Part 2)

     Hi! Hi! So here's the part 2 of the 20 ways to wow. Sorry it took ages!

 11. Make your own mask. Cabbage and turmeric, rich in vitamins and minerals blended into a mask can be used to deep-cleanse and calm skin. Turmeric is available on this blog :)

 12. Banish dark circles caused by blood vessels showing through the thin skin with Hyaluronic Acid. It plumps up skin cells, making the skin less transparent. Hyaluronic acid serum is available on this blog.

 13.  Wake up tired eyes. As you age, your eyelashes thin and crows feet begin to develop. Restore a youthful appearance by using a lash serum and eye cream (Olay regenerist Micro-sculpting Eye and Lash Duo)

 14. Get rid of a pimple fast. Apply witch hazel to a cotton swab and press it on the pimple three or four times to deflate it.

15. Reach for some tea. With effects similar to that of painkillers and anti-inflammatories, chamomile helps calm acne- as well as your nerves. Brew three or four bags of tea. When its cooled, dab on face with a cotton pad twice daily to diffuse inflamed breakouts.

16. Rather than spend a truckload of cash on drops of Vitamin C serums, prepare your own Vit C serum by mixing ascorbic acid with water and spraying it on your face. Same fab results!

17. Get rid of dark spots safely by checking for these 3 natural skin brightening extracts; Kojic acid, Bearberry extract and Licorice. 

18. Don't be deceived. Top dermatologists and skincare specialists all agree that Natural Unrefined Shea Butter is still one of the greatest gifts you can give your skin.

19. Never leave make-up on for too long. Clogged pores=acne, tired looking skin.

20. Work out! This gets helps your pores get rid of toxin, gives a natural glow and keeps you energized.

I do hope you try some of these fab tips, I like the Vitamin C tip best because you can also ingest it and apply topically. Let me know your favorite tip.

Take care!

20 ways to wow!!! (Part 1)

Hey All, I know, I know, its been a while but I am just grateful to God to blog again :)

Ok, so I came across these fab 35 ways to wow! and I picked a few that I believe are relevant to the blog :)
Lets get started!

1.  Whiten your teeth by rubbing them with the inside of an orange peel. It contains limonene, a natural solvent cleaner. The peel also doesn’t have teeth-eroding acid in it.

2.   Use tried and true cucumber and Preparation H on the eyes;they decrease the appearance of under-eye bags.

3. Give your face special treatment. Don't use the same towel on your face as you do for your body; the latter may have excess oils or skin flakes on it. Instead use a white hand towel to dry off.

4.  Got milk? Add a couple of cups of milk to your bath (or as a mask, use turmeric (available on this blog) to thicken milk masks). The lactic acid renews and softens your skin.

5. If you have very dry skin or suffer from eczema, watch for moisturizers that contain a lot of water. When the water evaporates, it makes skin even drier.

6.  Honey is not just a burn soother. It’s also a skin saver. Dab some on a pimple and let it sit for 20 minutes to help dry out skin fast. Rinse with warm water.

7. Use a blue-based eyeliner pencil shade along your eye rim: It makes the whites of your eyes look brighter.

8. Add a little foundation to your body cream to make your legs look flawless.

9.  To rock the fierce matte lip that’s so hot right now, exfoliate lips first with a fine grain scrub or your washcloth.

10. Try this all-natural body polish once a week for smoother skin; 4 peeled avocados, 1 cup sugar, two tablespoons olive oil, 1 lime.

   Try some of this and let me know what you think! :)
   Take care!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sugar-The Secret to Swift Aging!

I have a mantra that I say always, "I hate chocolate!, I hate chocolate!". I say this over and over because chocolate is an indulgence that I am waging war with.
This was especially after I received an article that made my jaw drop and also informed the title of this post. Now, I know sugar is not great for the body and all but for me, it was baffling how a substance so sweet can have ugly and life-threatening effects on the body. 

Well, after intense research, all I would say is if we can cut sugar out of our diet, we would probably be 90% healthy and in relation with stunning skin, this indulgence WOULD ABSOLUTELY make any pretty  lady lose her youthful skin in a flash to a delicious, subtle yet virulent enemy. This hits hard at the age of 30 and onwards..

Sugar is basically evil.
We all know the negative effects of sugar to our health, from obesity to diabetes, but do you know that SUGAR and SUN DAMAGE are the two main causes of thorough aging? Collagen cells are basically the secret of youth, they are vibrant and responsible for luminous and great looking skin. I found out that sugar actually curls around these collagen cells, stiffens these cells and destroys them by basically attacking these cells and making them tough and inflexible=wrinkled cells=wrinkled skin. This process is called glycation.

An article (www.livingto150.com) referred to this  as "a nightmare process which degrades important body tissues. It must be dramatically reduced if aging is to be minimized".

So high blood glucose=sugar causes tough, wrinkled cells and this occurs all through the body. Tough, inelastic connective tissue is also very damaging to organs where flexibility is vital such as  the heart, kidneys, brain, eyes and pancreas. This inflexibility leads to reduced functionality and early death and that's the reason diabetics suffer from organ ailments or failures earlier than most people because their raised blood sugar level produces greater glycation.

Now, what can stop glycation? this deadly process cannot be stopped completely but  it can (thankfully) be reduced considerably by making changes in our lifestyle and diet. Since high blood glucose encourages glycation, we must cut out sugar from our diet as much as possible. 

We need to watch and curb our intake of carbohydrates such as starchy foods (rice, pasta, grains, potatoes, bread etc), junk food or comfort food such as ice creams and chocolate.This, for me, is really a prayer point but I find that as I take more interest in what I eat and apply DISCIPLINE, its not so impossible, after all. Add large amounts of vegetables, beans, fruits to your diet rather than starchy sources. High temperature cooking also produces glycation, so its NECESSARY to eat more of raw than cooked foods such as salads fruit shakes. It is also better to steam and simmer meals rather than cooking.

Now, I must state here that this is probably one of the most serious posts I have written. Glycation is responsible for so loads of degenerative diseases and fighting against this process is not only great for the skin but could also ensure longevity. 

Exercise at least three times a week also. So, this is not only about the skin, the skin just covers what is going on inside. Lets not let our appetites reduce our life-span, we need to watch very closely what we ingest ALL THE TIME. With great health comes great skin!

Take care.

Friday, 29 March 2013

We Love Francis Chan!

Hi guys, I know I have not blogged in a while but I just came across a true teacher of the Word of God and he breaks it down (at least to my level of understanding :) ) really well and it has helped me tremendously.
Please please listen to his messages, its guaranteed to bless you and give glory to God!
Take care.

Skincare Buzz-Hyaluronic Acid.

Hi guys, I am so sorry for being MIA, exams are pretty close now and I need to get back into study-mode. Anywayyyyys, I love my blog and I am going to be popping in as much as I can :).
Okay, so you all know how everyone goes on and on about how great skin starts from drinking loads of water daily? Very true.

However, externally, nothing hydrates and firms up your skin cells like-Hyaluronic Acid. On one of the days of my never-ending skincare research on new and effective skincare products and ingredients, I came across HYALURONIC ACID and its pretty amazing! Lets look at some of the great stuff about this acid and what it offers the skin;

1.Its a natural component of the skin produced by fibroblast skin cells.
2. This acid decreases as we age, like from the age of 18. So by 30, the wrinkles become evident.
3. It greatly helps skin to look supple and youthful-looking. How?
4. It holds in moisture by holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. wow.
5. It aids in tissue repair.
6. It holds together skin structural components which are collagen and elastin.
7.It creates a protective barrier against microorganisms.
8. It basically delivers water (the best ingredient for great skin) and holds it there!

Now loads of top top skincare products include hyaluronic acid in their formulations but I am going to post just the few that I KNOW are really effective.
CeraVe's lotion has amazing reviews from all users and its pretty much affordable compared to other products that contain hyaluronic acid. Totally worth the cost.
Not cheap but it does what it says :)
Philosophy makes awesome products, you've just got to love them and their insightful sentences on each product makes this skincare line a personal favourite of mine. "When Hope Is Not Enough" delivers awesome results!
Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair moisturiser is touted to be one of their top three moisturisers, now we know why!

We, at The Stunning Lady, are currently overhauling our present products with a huge bias for products that contain hyaluronic acid.Its that good.

Take care!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Detoxification-Easy Steps.

Hey lurvs, I have a question. Its pretty simple but key.
How do you detoxify and how often?
 Detoxification is simply getting rid of toxins from the blood and body and its so important in skincare. I am absolutely certain that detoxification helps reduce or eliminate at least 70% of skincare issues such as blemishes, acne and whatnot. Also when you feel sluggish or just generally lethargic, its time to DETOX!

So I thought to give quick tips on how to detox, from simple pep-ups to more complicated ones. Just find what works for you and you should be fine :)
Before I go on, even if all other tips are ignored, difficult to follow-up with or tough in the long-run, please please try to do this daily;

A cup of fresh lemon tea first thing in the morning. Just juice one lemon/lime,add some hot/warm water, you could add some honey but its really optional and drink every morning.It does a great job at cleansing the body.
So lets go!
1. "Detox foods"-one way to detox is to simply eat detoxifying foods.

*Garlic stimulates the liver into producing detoxification enzymes that help filter toxic residues from the digestive system. I recommend taking 3 sliced pieces of garlic in a spoonful of honey daily.I hear ginger helps to mask the smell, not sure though but worth a shot!

*Lemon/lime-great at flushing out toxins and jump-starting the digestive tract, it also aids the liver in cleansing.

*Green Tea-packed full of antioxidants, green tea washes toxins from the system and helps to increase liver function.

*Apple cider Vinegar-I know I keep hammering on this product but its amazing! ACV purifies the blood, aids detoxification of the liver, keeps the blood pressure healthy, its rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes, it helps to fight bacteria, fungus and candida and improves immune system response. It does a whole variety of stuff and  improves gastric health.Make sure the ACV you buy has "the mother" and is organic. As always, I recommend Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.Awesome stuff.

*Colloidal Silver-This is a well known germicidal and antibacterial substance that's also natural and very effective, so do add this to your detox supplement list. Its a great choice!

*Manuka Honey-Ever heard of this awesome delicious bacteria-killer? It comes from Australia and New Zealand and is no ordinary honey.It kills a wide range of pathogens and bacteria and is totally a wise add-on to a detox programme :)

2. Guarapad Anti-Toxin Pads- Apparently, a quick way to get toxins out of the body is through the feet as its connected to all parts of the body (see pic above). I found out about these pads recently. Its placed on both feet at night, removed the next morning and you can clearly see the toxins removed on the pad, not a nice sight. For more info about this, you could mail adenikeisu@yahoo.com.It costs N1,500 for a pack of ten.

3. Detox Foot Spa-This is also a great way to detox and relax through the feet. The picture above says it all, do give it a try.
4. I recommend living bitters all the time! its worked great for me over the years in detoxifying the colon which is key to great health. Its manufactured in Ghana but widely available in Nigerian stores. Give it a go. Quick tip-its all kinds of bitter but you could get rid of the taste from your mouth immediately by sucking on an orange, it really helps.
Take care!

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Stunning Lady Gives Back!!!

Hi guys, am sooooo excited about this post!
 I have wanted to do this for ages and I am ecstatic that its finally happening, probably because I love freebies myself ;) 
Ok, so we at The Stunning Lady have enjoyed massive goodwill and patronage in just a few months and we really must say a huge "Thank you!". 

We are giving away these awesome skincare products to 4 lucky readers (you must also follow the blog) with free delivery if you reside in Lagos (except Lekki and Ajah residents who will have to pay for delivery, sorry :)

Give Away Item 1- Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Give Away Item 2- Cerave (Hyaluronic acid & Ceramides) Lotion

Give Away Item 3-Neutrogena Sunblock SPF 45

Give Away Item 4-Clean and Clear Persa Gel (Anti-Acne)

So the give-away has a catch :) 
1) You need to be a follower of this blog. Just place your email in the tab and click on "Submit"
2) You will need to answer the question below in the comment box of this post;

 "What is the best and worst skincare products that you have used? Please place your name at the end of your comment".

Pretty simple, right? 
To win, 3 random numbers shall be selected.
 However, the 12th comment will be a sure winner as I am partial to the NO 12 cus its my birthday and birthmonth, ;) !

I would gladly address any clarifications asked. Please note that this give-away will run for the month of January, 2013 only.

So tell me, what product have you used and found totally great or entirely crap or even life-threatening? 

Please comment below and invite all your friends!

Take care!

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